Molenbeek 10 Years Ago

10 years ago, a Belgian Muslim journalist named Hind Fraihi went undercover (f) in Molenbeek and wrote a book reporting on the influence of radical Islam there:

Hind Fraihi, a Muslim and journalist who posed as a sociology graduate student, found that she could easily buy extremist literature urging people to take up arms to fight nonbelievers. She met young men being lured from lives of petty crime to violent jihad by local imams. And she interviewed a sheik who sent young men to a military training camp in southern Belgium’s scenic Ardennes and who was recruiting people to fight in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

The response, she recalls: 'People told me I was exaggerating, that I was engaging in sensationalism, and nobody did anything to contain the phenomenon.'

Sound familiar?


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