Let’s Draw Better Swastikas!

A Syrian refugee in Bingen, Germany set fire to the migrant shelter where he lived, and spray-painted a few swastikas to mislead the police:


You call that a swastika? Pathetic.

Take it from me: The secret to spray-painting swastikas is to spray the central cross first. If you're aiming for authenticity, tilt it 45 degrees to make an 'X' — that's now the Nazis did it. Then you simply add some hooks at 90-degree angles. Bingo! It's not called a 'hook-cross' (Hakenkreuz) in German for nothing.

I'll be expecting much better work from now on, Kameraden.


7 thoughts on “Let’s Draw Better Swastikas!

  1. It was a different time but I have picture of some Graffit in in Berlin on the Wall before it was torn down stating:

    “NAZIS vertreiben, Auslaender bleiben.”

    Fewer immigrants back then.


  2. What can you expect? They’re all in the Great Game:


    Andrew, with your great love for the German language, this little bit of chancellorian newspeak will intrigue you:


    We’ve come long past Schutzsuchende by now. They’re ALL our Syrian neighbors, I’m telling you!


    Nicely commented here:


    And yes, dear friends, We’ve come far on this Road to Cairo!

    And Madness takes it’s Toll.


  3. “Germany is so multicultural even its Nazis aren’t white”

    What modern Europe is doing, in essence is outsourcing its traditional anti-Semitism. It’s now low-skilled entry ideology…


  4. Ok. I took some pain killers and will now try to translate parts of our Chancellor Angela Merkel’s speech on the integration of migrants and refugees – which wasn’t much publicized, and you will see why.


    Here goes. She starts with:

    Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, dear colleagues (gendered) of the cabinet, you do see, if I may tell our guests, that the federal government is still with it now, and in great breadth, as it has been before.

    And no, that doesn’t make sense in German either. But that’s her way of talking; it means nothing, so you can never hold her to account on anything. She has honed that skill to perfection, over decades. I’ll skip more of the blather and pick out the parts that say something – sort of; and I kid you not.

    And on with the Kindergeburtstag: “I thank all of those who took the time to take part and be here today. The fact that we are sitting here in such breadth of course shows in what breadth society as a whole is called upon (burdened with), but is also ready to answer that call, with the question and the willingness to help the protection seekers, and therefore this is, now and before, a very nice sign that we are not only sitting around this round table, but that this leads to a great mutuality.

    Come on, take you pick. Is everybody wearing their little paper hats? Good:

    We should , I believe, be well advised in our meeting today, to talk about two things: One, the momentary situation, but we all feel that, considering the falling numbers of those coming to us, but also all in all considering the great number of those already being with us, that the subject of integration will now come into focus more strongly and take more space, and we have unfortunately, in the night from the 31ist of December to January 1st, had a negative impression of what unsuccessful integration can evocate in the way of disconcertedness (insecurity), anxieties and worries (concerns), and therefor we are taking this subject of integration very, very seriously.

    Well that’s all right then! No need to mention bad words such as Cologne, New Year’s Eve, mass molesting, gang rape, knifing, or robbery. You see, we do understand that the participants of that night may feel a bit insecure, anxious and worried – at least, that’s the negative impression we get, if integration goes wrong. But we will take care of that negativity.

    Skip more blah blah, fast forward to the next little bit:

    The fact that since a few weeks we have a, albeit fragile, cease fire in Syria, has already led to a somewhat calming of the situation, at least not to the fear of receiving hundreds of thousands of new refugees.” What?! I know that doesn’t make sense, either. With her, you always have to guess what she may mean, which puts you in the wrong, for one, and makes you happy, for solving the riddle; it’s like the oracle of Delphi, over which so many kings did stumble. More is to come:

    We have, of course, very much enhanced and intensified our cooperation in development, our cooperation with our neighbors of Europe, for one on the side of the European Union, as well an on the German side. The foreign secretary (secretary of state), um, the minister of the interior, for example, was in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria..” – “and Egypt!” (Himself)” “.. and Egypt, and we have – it helps to take a look at the map! I have now had a colored map made for me, in which the Shengen area is in one color, so to speak, and the surrounding neighboring countries have another color; and then you see that Europe is blessed with many neighbors! It starts with Greenland, behind Iceland and Norway – well, this is exciting! – then goes on to Russia, the Ukraine, Georgia, and if you take along Bulgaria and Romania, you come to Turkey; and then, interestingly – and that is something that wasn’t really clear to me personally – you come to the fact that the neighbor of Cyprus, which belongs to the Shengen area, is Syria – which means that you have Syria as a directly neighboring country to the Shengen area! From then on, it sort of gets even more interesting – with the Lebanon, with Jordania, with Israel, with Tunisia, with Egypt, with Algeria, with Morocco, then you’re sort of around once, then comes a bit of the Atlantic, and if you take the Canary Islands, you can count the West Sahara as well. That’s the European neighborhood! […] We shall have to re-align our neighborhood policy…

    And so on. Thus spake the “mightiest woman in the world” on April 8, 2016. Half a year after single-handedly throwing open the German borders (and in effect: European and Shengen area) to all “Syrians”, she says she has now has had a kind soul make her a personal two- toned map, painted to show her where Europe is, what constitutes the Shengen area, and what constitutes the rest of the world, where Syria is, what Syria is, what Syrians are (neighbors! Just like all the rest of ’em!), so, in awe, she sends her interior minister to visit them. And all of this was not clear to her before, she says. I guess that’s what you get with a GDR doctorate in quantum chemistry. And you are ashamed of your leaders?

    They say power makes you lonely. Well, this is one self- made lonely woman; won’t somebody please put her and us out our respective miseries? But as nobody in power seems to be willing to do so, I guess it’s up to the electorate – if they are allowed to.


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