Quote of the Day: ‘People of Strong, Broad Sense’

"All people of broad, strong sense have an instinctive repugnance to the men of maxims; because such people early discern that the mysterious complexity of our life is not be embraced by maxims, and that to lace ourselves up in formulas of that sort is to repress all the divine promptings and inspirations that spring from growing insight and sympathy. And the the man of maxims is the popular representative of the minds that are guided in their moral judgement solely by general rules, thinking that these will lead them to justice by a ready-made patent method, without the trouble of exerting patience, discrimination, impartiality, without any care to assure themselves whether they have the insight that comes from a hardly-earned estimate of temptation, or from a life vivid and intense enough to have created a wide fellow-feeling with all that is human."

George Eliot, The Mill on the Floss (source)

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: ‘People of Strong, Broad Sense’

  1. Nice quote, but Stakhanov must know that many Texans are in fact People of Strong, Broad sense, and the word normal is not supposed to fit all and “Normality,” not Normalcy which was ungrammatical before it became American law in the early 20th Century.

    While each individual Texan differs from another in the exact breadth and strength measured with calipers and subject to Testing of tensile, shear, and compressive stress, all of which are approved by the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing, nevertheless at bottom we are all simply hypersexual adventurers in a state with a large bovine population. Admittedly, the person on beeve ratio is not as favorable as say Mato Gross do Sul, Brazil, where the Cattle outnumber the people 10 to 1, but nevertheless, we “get” ours if you know what I mean.

    It is part of our strong and broad sense.


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