6 thoughts on “Sweaty Salarymen Staring and Smiling

  1. i’m sorry to say but this is racist, culturalist, and sexist. so 80ies. heike maaslos, reichsleiterin der merkeljugend, will deal with that smut soon, they’ll eradicate the last corrupting remnants of our sordid past

    …à propos de rien, the sun is shining & i’m in a rhyming mood, so this is on the house:

    islamistan ist judenfrei
    buntland ist bald auch dabei!*

    * to the tune of “haribo macht kinder froh.” chewy, gooey goodness–heike, let me be your bit*h!


  2. So this what the New Right has come down to, bashing male ministers by changing their first names into female names? How funny! Most football hooligans are more creative than you guys…


  3. ;-D After having recovered from that ;-D,

    I must say I find it not very nice, nowadays, when everyone can simply state as to what gender they feel they are, or would like to be or feel or look like, be it transitional or for ever, to make fun of something these persons cannot help, as they can be whatever whenever, as in that very revealing Photo, indeed 😀

    But then, on the other hand, as any gender is worth any other gender or none at all, there simply can be no insult in calling someone something worth exactly the same as any other possible property. Men and women are equal, it says so in the law, period, and exchanging two equals changes nothing, especially not their worth. It simply has no effect. 🙂

    So, seriously now, that got me thinking: This narcissism (as a property, not a disorder) is a self- defeating scheme if ever there was one. For if you can declare your own gender (or anything else) on a whim or fancy, or even for good reasons, that distinction becomes worthless instantly.

    Gender, like beauty, fame, righteousness, and any one in a myriad of other properties, good or bad, is always, solely, in the eyes, and declaration, of the beholder. And nowhere else. You may not like it, but that is where it is. I cannot declare myself a US citizen, or professor, – or anything. I have to be declared so by others – or fear to be declared, perhaps a criminal, pervert, or terrorist. If only I declare my self so, looking at myself in my bathroom mirror – or even at others – it’s of no avail.

    If any human being can declare itself male, female, trans, black, white, European, Asian, or African, Muslim or Christian at will, then it instantly destroys that category as a category, it simply dissolves in their hands, and – indeed – that is what these people are after: the destruction of categories. And they know, very well, that no-one destroys them faster and better than those who, in calculation or dire need and loneliness, apply them onto themselves.

    The trouble is- but that does not bother these destructivists – that this instantly leaves the poor people bare, with nothing in their hands to cling to, having just destroyed that one property by claiming it, thereby forcing them into an endless wild goose chase, for another discriminatory property, that sets them apart from those without, and bang it’s gone, and another, and another, and another, with everything falling apart the instant they use it onto themselves; it’s like a negative Midas touch (A Sadim touch? A touch of Sadism?) that ends the world in a cloud of nihilism – like those legendary raccoons washing sugar cubes in a stream.

    The individual can be released from that self-induced hell only by someone else calling them a name, be it good or bad. I think there may be something in the bible or some other religion or culture that you can call a person or thing into existence only by giving it a name (though that alone will not suffice, it is necessary).

    But enough.

    Of course, it’s much easier declaring yourself to be something, than to strive for (or strive to avoid) others to declare you to be so. And that’s exactly what makes it so worthless.

    “I am bad, but lovely” is worth nothing; “you are bad, but lovely” is unbezahlbar – priceless.

    More on the general topic, even in the context of her time (NDW) Frl. Menke was – odd.

    So here’s 25 seconds of Walking in Dresden as a woman.



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