Countries In Which Majority Favors Immigration: 0

For a short stretch last year, the German mainstream media thought they could single-handedly turn Germany into the only country on earth that would welcome mass immigration of culturally remote peoples, a curious phenomenon I observed in real time, and which has recently been confirmed by a large study (g).

It didn't work.


2 thoughts on “Countries In Which Majority Favors Immigration: 0

  1. Some weird stuff in the table.

    Saudi Arabia #1? Who immigrates to Saudi Arabia? I thought the official position was that you pretty much can’t become a Saudi citizen unless you’re born one.

    On the other hand, almost all real work is done by resident non-citizens (without whom the country would revert to the insignificant camel farm it was 100 years ago)

    On yet another hand, Saudis treat resident non-citizens essentially like slaves (when you take that into consideration the chronic abuse makes sense).

    Who immigrates to India? Maybe they’re confusing immigration and emigration? Many languages (and countries) don’t really distinguish the two and the ability to emigrate to richer countries is certainly seen as a great boon by many Indians.


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