Quote of the Day: Eric Rohmer on “The Left”

Over at Obscene Desserts, Anja caught this intriguing response in a biography of Rohmer:

I don't know if I am on the Right, but in any case, one thing is certain: I'm not on the Left. Yes, why would I be on the Left? For what reason? What forces me to be on the Left? I'm free, it seems to me! But people aren't. Today, first you have to pronounce your act of faith in the Left, after which everything is permitted. So far as I know, the Left has no monopoly on truth and justice. I too am for peace, freedom, the eradication of poverty, respect for minorities – who isn't? But I don't call that being on the Left. Being on the Left means endorsing the politics of certain people, parties, or regimes that say they're on the Left and don't hesitate to practice, when it serves them, dictatorship, lying, violence, favoritism, obscurantism, terrorism, militarism, bellicism, racism, colonialism, genocide.

It's from Antoine de Baecque and Noel Herpe's biography of Eric Rohmer (Columbia UP 2014).

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Eric Rohmer on “The Left”

  1. I don’t much care about filmmakers’ politics (my ability to suspend judgement is sublime).

    But Rohmer is one of my top five all time directors. I just luuuuurrrrve French movies without much plot and lots of intellectuals sitting around discussing the meaning of life (I’m not being sarcastic at all, really).

    My first Rohmer was The Aviator’s Wife and it changed my idea of what movies could be about.


  2. “Im Leben geht’s oft her wie in einem Film von Romer
    Und um das alles zu begreifen
    Wird man, was man furchtbar hasst, am Ende Cineast
    Zum Kenner dieser fürchterlichen Streifen” (Tocotronic)


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