Every European Tourist Should See This Map

Before any visit to the United States, Europeans should be shown the map below, which accurately shows the relative position of the US and Europe on the earth:

Where the US is latitude

This is why it will be much hotter than you expected. This is why there will be air-conditioning everywhere. It's because just about everywhere in the US is a hell of a lot hotter than where you come from, for a much longer during the year. And because the US is rich enough to afford air-conditioning.

Simply accept these facts, and you'll have a fine old time!

5 thoughts on “Every European Tourist Should See This Map

  1. An interesting note here is the Missouri Compromise. Although a completely different story its line defined the Southern States. That line in Europe runs just shy of Gibraltar, Sicily, Greece and Turkey. In other words all these “Southern States” are way South of any country in Europe.


  2. Map a little bit misleading. NYC’s fall winter and spring comparable to Paris, though on different latitudes. I’m sure someone could explain why.


  3. I’ve never seen that much of NY snow in Paris … short Explanation for different climates on the same latitude: North America is missing the Alps, i.e. a mountain range blocking the cold air from the North.


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