4 thoughts on “English is a Germanic Beautiful Old Language

  1. Hi, Andrew – are you sure? 🙂

    I found this here on google. Edited excerpt:

    The problem of the order of prenominal attributes in German has provoked a number of different descriptions. Recently ((as in 1991!)) there has been some concensus on the existence or three natural groups of such attributive elements. Based on this division, a polycentric description is proposed which makes use of the structuring force of nominal bracketing in German. Bracketing, in this context, is interpreted as a means of simplifying the task of understanding complex nominal groups.

    But this one below has a list (if only a slight one – har har) / pp 5/6



    Klinik für Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie
    und Psychosomatik im Kindes- und Jugendalter
    Hauptstr. 8, D – 79 104 Freiburg i.Br.

    – Because that’s where this puts you…



    Deutsche Sprak, schwere Sprak 😉


  2. Hah! Took me a minute to realize you goof on the rule in your title. At first I just thought you’ve been away too long and got sloppy.


  3. green great dragons can’t exist

    Another name for the Komodo dragon is “great dragon”. So, if you find one that is (mostly) green, of course you can say that.

    “Green ideas sleep furiously” is not a sensible to say at present, but in the future, who knows?


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