5 thoughts on “The Trump Card

  1. “Migrant punches German in the face for asking the wrong questions”
    Just kidding, I do find it a bit ironic though given that you are no stranger to generalizations yourself. Also, the Donald is everywhere and one might be forgiven for thinking that it’s not just a German obsession. Instead of punching them I suggest you channel “old Andrew” and put them in their place.


  2. Why do you think that no US citizen outside of the US would vote for Trump? The majority has to be in favour of him if he gets elected.

    I don’t think you will even have to justify yourself. Once he is president, the public opinion of him will change quickly.


  3. Good luck trying to sell me that stupid card, because I’ll stuff it down your throat before you get the first word out. How dare you think you speak for all American expats. Moron.


  4. Oh! I think I finally found what DJ Trump reminds me of – perhaps to illustrate your trump card? 🙂

    To illustrate:


    Now see this ! at 6:30 p.m. – They DID?! I was waiting for it… I mean, if you open a barn door like that… To quote:

    Donald Trump is taking the stage in Miami with a new backdrop — a tribute to the French Revolution with the banner “Les Deplorables.”

    The song “Do You Hear the People Sing?” from the Broadway hit “Les Miserables” played as Trump saluted the crowd at the James L. Knight Center.

    “Welcome to all of you deplorables!” Trump said. The screen behind him glowed with a mock-up of Trump and some supporters in French Revolutionary garb.

    The Republican nominee has relentlessly criticized his opponent, Hillary Clinton, for suggesting half of Trump’s supporters belong in “a basket of deplorables.”

    Trump has taken to saying he will be the president “for all Americans, even those who don’t vote for me.”



  5. I suggest you add one last point:
    “For a whole year I derived a great German Joy from my lambasting the German government and media, as well as the majority of the German people, for their having fallen for the Narrative on Immigration forced upon its European lackeys by a US government I was so proud of that I never paused to comment on the fact that the person responsible for the wars in Libya and Syria could have become the new President. What fun it was, witnessing the Germans yet again falling for the moralistic rhetoric of an American president, as in the good old times of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points. But now that the majority of my fellow citizens – that “basket of deplorables”! – have rejected that very same Narrative by approving in their tens of millions an alternative Narrative, I refuse to take part in the international adult conversation that can now finally start. Heck, the Joy was in the Germans listening to me. I don’t care about listening to them!


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