Captain Merkel, Germany’s Matronly Taskmaster

After a series of electoral poundings, Merkel has finally struck a more self-critical note. She admits that her government had not prepared for the migrant influx of 2015, and that the influx was "out of control" for a certain time. She added: "God knows we didn't do everything right. We weren't world champions at integration. In a manner of speaking, we are going to have to outdo ourselves, and that applies to me as well." ("Wir haben, weiß Gott, nicht alles richtig gemacht. Wir waren keine Weltmeister bei der Integration. Wir müssen uns gleichsam selbst übertreffen, auch ich.")

In her own words, she's admitted her policy has imposed an unprecedented challenge on Germany which will require the country to somehow outdo all its previous efforts. In an area it's not very good at. And in which it might well fail, risking…?

Is there any wonder why Germans are asking questions such as: "How did one person get into a position to impose this massive national burden on us?" and "Why is this suddenly our problem?" and "Who asked us whether we thought this would be a sensible use of our nation's time, energy, and resources?"

It's as if Angela Merkel, Captain of The Deutschland, smashed the ship against a reef, ordered every passenger to start bailing out the water, and is now giving them speeches about how they're strong and disciplined and she just knows their days of backbreaking work will allow the ship to reach harbor safely.

6 thoughts on “Captain Merkel, Germany’s Matronly Taskmaster

  1. Now the batshit crazy and exceedingly dumb among us will think that Obama or Illary would go all Merkel on their hapless victims aka US citizens if it weren’t for all those bigots still putting up some resistance. But that’s just them. So let’s crush those deplorables under the wise guidance of our chairwomen and her most reasoned debaters. Let the phony express deliver some urgent mail.


  2. In other words “My only regret is overestimating your ability to carry out my brilliant plans.”

    I’m not so familiar with East German commie speak, but her remarks sound kind of similar to the things Polish commies said when their brilliant and ideologically sound plans hit the rocky and unforgiving shores of reality.

    Is this a case of “You can take the girl out of the DDR….”


  3. Oh, for fuck’s sake… If you have a problem with Merkel’s politics, then do criticise her politics. But then cut the crap and leave her East German roots the fuck out of it, will ya?


  4. Should I take that as a “No, DDR leaders didn’t implicitly blame the public when their beautiful plans didn’t work out”?

    There’s no need for profanity, I assure you.

    “If you have a problem with Merkel’s politics, then do criticise her politics”

    Her grand refugee plan was always destined to fail, for reasons she should have been aware of (if she wasn’t aware of them then she’s plain incompetent). Any usefulness she may have had for the German public is over. Germans need to find a new, more reality-based leader. That they seem incapable of even considering this makes their neighbors (like Poland, where I live) very nervous.


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