Iceland’s Comfy Jesus

While we're on the subject of Iceland, a Facebook pal writes: "a friend of mine traveled extensively through the country and came across this fresco of a tanned male supermodel Jesus in a woolen turtleneck sweater. In comparison to this vision of The Utter Beyond, Michelangelo's Last Judgment or Bernini's St. Theresa just evaporate into insignificance. I name it Comfy Jesus:"


2 thoughts on “Iceland’s Comfy Jesus

  1. He also looks a little like “Big sister’s (or mom’s) cool boyfriend Jesus”.

    But who are the other guys and why are they so un-Icelandically dressed? Or are those supposed to be tarpaulin fisherman jackets?

    And why does he seem to be guiding their heads towards his crotch?

    It’s all very mysterious.


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