“Trump Will Complete German Idealism”

Behold: the first time the name of Friedrich Hölderlin has ever been mentioned during a street protest in the United States. He throws in Fichte, Schelling, Kant, and Hegel for good measure.

Does anyone know what "city" he's referring to which is going to be raised? And what's that Schelling quote at the end?

5 thoughts on ““Trump Will Complete German Idealism”

  1. This is precision trolling. One commenter from YouTube: “How many layers of woke is this guy on?”

    Read the comments: https://youtu.be/p1MSacJnnkE

    See the other version: https://youtu.be/iOk6HB609po



    I love this generation. Get some kids. Shame there aren’t enough here to meme Merkel into retirement.


  2. Trump is going to be so bummed if he hears about this. To think he chose “Make America Great Again” when he could have used “Make German Idealism Real.” What a missed opportunity!


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