…meanwhile in France: Listlessness, Gloom, Mistrust

This handy summary of a poll about attitudes toward government in France comes courtesy of the right-wing Gatestone Institute, and is based on this poll (f):

Public Opinion: In January 2016, Cevipof, a think tank of the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), released its seventh Barometer of Political Trust, a poll published annually to measure the values of democracy in the country, and based on interviews with 2074 people:

  • What is your current state of mind? Listlessness 31%, Gloom 29%, Mistrust 28%, Fear: 10%

  • Do you trust government? Not much 58%, not at all 32%

  • Do you trust lawmakers? Not much 39%, not at all 16%%

  • Do you trust the president? Not much 32%; not at all 38%

  • Do politicians care about what the people think? Not much 42%, not at all 46%

  • How democracy is working in France? Not well 43%, not well at all 24%

  • Do you trust political parties? Not much 47%, not at all 40%

  • Do you trust the media? Not much 48% not at all 27 %

  • What do you feel about politics? Distrust 39%; disgust 33%, boredom 8%

  • What do you feel about politicians? Disappointment 54%; disgust 20%

  • Corruption of politicians? Yes 76%

  • Too many migrants? Yes, plus tend to agree: 65%

  • Islam is a threat? Yes, plus tend to agree: 58%

  • Proud to be French? Yes 79%

I don't know about you, but I'd say these numbers are good news for a certain Marine. But then again, French people have been feeling this way for quite some time:

More frenchy

2 thoughts on “…meanwhile in France: Listlessness, Gloom, Mistrust

  1. There’s nothing wrong about feeling gloomy or distrustful, but why turn to a neo-fascist party as a solution? Last time people reacted that way, it didn’t end well.

    Problem is, if worse comes to worst, the French will eventually be given the choice between a hardline Catholic Muslim-bashing Thatcherite and a nativist, La France d’abord protectionist. Houellebecq was wrong in his book “Submission”: the Left and the moderate right won’t side with a Muslim candidate. Instead, the moderate Right will support a free-market fundamentalist, whereas the Left will be crushed between a not-as-extreme-as-Le Pen-but-almost right-winger who threatens the French vivre sa vie, and and a neo-fascist Identitarian who promises to retain the welfare state.


  2. There is a sense of doom and resignation among the French. They have watched their country evolve to a police state where everyone fears the muslims. France’s demographics justify this gloom. But hey they keep voting for the same elites. You get what you deserve.


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