One of These Things is Not Like the Others

Over at the Washington Post, an American and a Swedish professor team up to write an op-ed entitled "No, Sweden isn't Hiding and Immigrant Crime Problem, This is the Real Story". They run through the litany of excuses and explanations (expanded definition of rape laws, a culture which encourages crime reporting) without providing any relevant citations or links which I can see.

But the most remarkable claim is that Sweden provides its citizens with much more information about crime than American does because of Sweden's ideal open-information laws, which go back to the 18th century. Let me provide a few quotations — not in the original order:

[T]he government of Sweden is a model in making data accessible and actions transparent…

Sweden’s information landscape [is] a model for other countries to emulate…

Citizens in Sweden can use this information to hold their government accountable…

…Swedish police do not collect information on the ethnicity, religion, or race of perpetrators or victims of crime, which means there’s no evidence for claims that Muslim immigrants are committing crimes in record numbers.

Can you tell which of the four statements is not like the others? 

12 thoughts on “One of These Things is Not Like the Others

  1. The Washington Post gives us yet another specimen of post-truth journalism. I wonder why they are so committed to proving Trump and Bannon right. It’s confusing.

    While you elegantly suggest facts matter to truth telling and integrity, over on YouTube PewDiePie is teaching The Wall Street Journal that context matters re fake news via his base of 53 million young subscribers.


  2. I honestly don’t see your problem with this Washington Post article here. The article is written by people who actualy know something about Sweden, and unlike Trump’s hysteric whingeing, they give reliable explanations. But I’ve got the impression that, for some reason, Sweden became sort of a new Soviet Union for Republicans in the USA over the past years. Even the supposedly moderate John McCain railed against Swedish “socialism” back in 2008. Where does that come from? Jealousy because the USA regularly gets beaten by Sweden at important hockey games?


  3. Reading the WP article AND Andys question may help you getting the point. But you are always good at not seeing the gorilla in the room, aren’t you?


  4. “I honestly don’t see your problem with this Washington Post article here”

    Because it’s intellectually dishonest.

    Situation one: There is no statistically significant difference in crime rates between different ethnic, racial or religious groups.

    Situation two: There are significant differences in crime rates between different ethnic, racial or religious groups

    By not collecting information on ethnic, racial or religious backgrounds of criminals Sweden is claiming that situation one prevails because they have made disproving it impossible.

    You may prefer a state of politically approved ignorance, but I tend to think that the truth is always better, no matter how unpleasant.


  5. If immigration and rape rates would really be linked to each other, then how come Norway or Denmark are not at the top of the list? Both of these countries have roughly the same percentage of immigrants as Sweden. Or why not Britain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Switzerland? They all have a much larger immigrant population. The most obvious explanation could be that Sweden has stricter laws on sexual crimes and a more open policy for victims to come forward. Simple logic.

    I recommend this article:

    And that’s written by someone who’s clearly not from the left-wing side of things…


  6. Hey doc
    While I sometimes like to think of us two here as the coalition of the rational ;-), I have do say that I have to disagree with you here. The point is that they don’t give reliable information or rather that they repeat falsehoods which sort of taints the good points they made. If the claim about the broad definition of rape in swedish law is demonstrably wrong (and I believe Andrew here, him being a law professor) then a retraction is in order.


  7. Sweden enjoys playing the silly “righteous indignation” game…i.e. Trump is a fool, there is no problem here! And yet exactly what Trump was talking about (if he even knew) happened two days later. A two-man police patrol tried to arrest a suspect in Rinkeby–one of the places Sweden would deny is a NO-GO, Sharia zone. But, police who go in there know that a crowd of 30 young muslim gangstas can gather within minutes…and do. And they know their squad car will get torched before they can call for back up. It is a punk intimidation game–probably done in south central LA also. Fox news is pretty lame when they try to get Swedes involved in any kind of debate. What they should ask about is why are GRENADES used so much in Sweden. Yes, GRENADES. Carl Bildt mentioned that some Bosnian criminal gangs caused problems in Sweden during HIS “open borders, uncontrolled immigration” fiasco. The problem is that they are still there, and working along with, now, Somali gangs–with recent illegal migrants. Read this wikipedia article. Sweden’s government is so deep in denial that they would probably brush off the fact that, yes, GRENADES are readily available and the weapon of choice to send a message to your rivals. And the police can do nothing about it–as they are hamstrung by weak laws, inability to deport criminals–even those who lose asylum appeals can stay–and a hapless “no confrontation” police training. See Grenades here:


  8. come on, benway. I’ve read far better arguments from you. Did you even read the article, or is reading breitbart too much for your fragile ego?
    The Wikipedia link has already been updated, here is the original article for your reference.

    Probably a bunch of your buddies are journalists. You could be one, you would fit right in!
    Why don’t you convince them to do some actual reporting on their own? All of us could win if they would not leave the news to the alt right.
    I would love to learn how Swedish rape culture, patriarchy and lack of diversity is forcing grenades into people’s hands.
    They might even gain subscribers instead of losing them and thus keep their jobs for a little longer.


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