Allahu Akbar, Mr. Muffinpaws



There are around 600 so-called "dangerous persons" (g) (Gefährder) living in Germany. These are people on an official government watch list because they're considered at high risk of committing terrorist attacks or other acts of violence. Most of them are Islamists. Some of them are in custody, others are not, some are under strict surveillance, others aren't. As with a lot of things in Germany, it's complicated.

In February of this year, German cops raided one of these men. He was a foreign national from "country N" (I'll presume Nigeria), born and raised in Germany, now a radical Islamist. He wanted to join up with ISIS in Syria, but couldn't manage the funds and paperwork, so he mulled over attacks in Germany with his chat partner, Abdullah K. who either was or pretended to be an ISIS recruiter.

The opinion (g) of the Federal Administrative Court authorizing his deportation lists the possible targets identified in these chats: stabbing police officers, building a car bomb, attacking a "university party or gay parade", attacking people in a pedestrian zone with a kitchen knife or car bomb, throwing stones from a highway bridge, or driving a car or truck into a crowd. In messages marked by truly shitty spelling, our nice Nigerian friend went on for pages and pages about how it was necessary to set Germany "in flames", spread "fear", "we can do more damage here at home", etc.

To prove he wasn't as dangerous as all that, his lawyers tried a novel defense:

The danger posed by the applicant is not contradicted by the fact that he recently acquired a young cat, since the symbol of the cat is an Islamically-justified expression of masculine tenderness and Salafist fighters from the West, in particular have used cats to convey the message of the masculinity of Jihadis. (see Dr. Mariella Ourghi, Ideas of Masculinity Among Salafists, Website of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation)

And here is what Ms. Ourghi has to say (g):

In 2014, we encountered a new aspect of the presentation of Jihadi masculinity, observed mainly among militants from the West. They present themselves in videos giving sweets to children, which is intended to express caring affection. Even more frequently, they post photos of themselves hugging and petting cats. The symbol of a cat as a sign of masculine tenderness in Islam is explained by the fact that the Prophet Muhammad and his companion Abu Huraira (literally "Father of the kitten") were known to be cat-lovers. The fact that it is primarily fighters socialized in the West who used cat photos appears not to be coincidental, since it corresponds to modern conceptions of masculinity in the West. One part of this is that most women today view tenderness and affection as an important part of a fulfilled relationship, and demands this from men…. Posing with cats therefore is aimed at potential marriage candidates, to convey the image of an affectionate lover in addition to that of strong masculinity.

German intelligence, if you're reading this blog (which would be flattering), I admit that I have two cats. However, I swear I'm a peaceful guy. Please don't deport me back to the USA — can you really call it a safe country of origin?

3 thoughts on “Allahu Akbar, Mr. Muffinpaws

  1. Our tortoiseshell cat walked into our life as an adult stray a few years ago. Judging by the picture, she had a more interesting past life than we realised.


  2. I put this out to get a question answered.According to this article from DW (I know, not a reliable source)….….these Afghan men are to be tried in Germany even BEFORE they given asylum. Tried for carrying a gun in Afghanistan? I do not understand. It goes without saying that ANY Afghan is prepared to tell ANY lie to either get a refugee handout or be allowed to stay in Germany even after their asylum application has been denied. Utterly untrustworthy people. And they don’t see it as lying…merely working the system. I REALLY want to share a society with them. But…how in the world is Germany even trying them? Why not just pitch them the hell out of Germany–und schnell? And…this always seems to be overlooked by BAMF…if you lied on your asylum application and it can be proven (and it can be in 90% of Afghan applications, I bet), shouldn’t your application be automatically denied? I can say this is the case on even a US visa application. And, unless democratic panderers get involved, it is enforced. Any answers here?


  3. And they don’t see it as lying…merely working the system

    Of course. As they’re being told to, by their new German friends. And this is how it works, I’m told:

    In German court law, defendants are expected and allowed to lie with impunity. Other than a witness, who could get to do more time than the defendant if caught on perjury. So nobody likes to be a crime witness in a German court. It’s highly dangerous, and better to feign severe handicaps and loss of memory.

    So, here we go:

    1) You get to claim asylum in Germany if you would be persecuted at home (for political reasons).

    2) Afghanis would by default be persecuted at home (for political reasons), if they were a member of the insurgent Taliban.

    3) Therefore, having been a member of the Islamist Taliban is a sure-fire way of getting into the German asylum benefit system. Of course, the family would also be persecuted, so…

    So Afghani asylum seekers are told by their friendly helpers on the bench to simply claim to have been a member of the Taliban to claim asylum in Germany, no matter if this is true or not. Who could prove otherwise?

    Perverted, but simple. Working the system. There is no penalty.

    And, of course, our friendly asylum helpers are busy doing away with the “for political reasons” bit, so that claiming to have been a murderer / rapist / thief back home would get you automatic asylum in Germany, which has a far to low incarceration rate anyway up to now, in case of re-offence (which would count as the first offence in Germany anyway, so I gather).

    Wouldn’t you do likewise?

    Busloads of money, man!

    Be a real big shot at home!

    Get to marry the girl you want!


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