5 thoughts on “Lebensraum

  1. Thank god you’re not a German, Andrew! At least for a couple of generations by now, I take it. In combination with the blog’s obviously v├Âlk-ish (that is now a word) title, a certain Heiko M. might have to intervene your outrageous putting forward of the past Lebensraumerweiterung im Westen.


  2. This map reminds me of a reported exchange between two senior German and American diplomats during the time of American neutrality during the First World War:
    (German State Secretary for Foreign Affairs) Zimmermann: ÔÇťWe have 500,000 reservists in America who would rise in arms against your government if you dare to make a move against Germany.ÔÇŁ
    (US Ambassador to Germany) James W. Gerard: “We have five hundred thousand and one lamp posts in America, and that is where the German reservists would find themselves if they tried any uprising.”
    James W. Gerard, My Four Years in Germany, p. 237.


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