9 thoughts on “This Blog is Dormant

  1. I am sorry about that Andrew. IT has been very useful and interesting.

    I don’t do social media, so I won’t be able to follow you.
    But I wish you well for the future.


  2. It’s your choice, but social media is where all the most interesting and lively people are, and where all the most interesting and lively discussions are taking place.

    There’s no comparison anymore, period.


  3. A few days ago, Michael Stürzenberger was sentenced to six month in jail (suspended) for posting a historic picture of a real Nazi wearing a swastika armband.

    He got sentenced for § 86: Verbreiten von Propagandamitteln verfassungswidriger Organisationen.

    A lot of the stuff you are posting here can/will be seen as hate speech. Ditto my comments, after all I just posted a link to a picture of a swastika.

    Even though I enjoy reading your articles, I won’t take the risk to be branded as a racist. I don’t need anyone calling my employer to complain about my posts on a right-wing blog.

    If anyone is interested, the picture is in the articles below. Unfortunately the only people reporting this are real right-wing blogs, sorry about posting a link to such garbage here. As you said a few times, German journalists are useless.



  4. I have to agree, Facebook and Twitter are not the future; they filter, censor and manipulate public opinion.
    Even yesterday’s refugees are right wing racists whose interviews are deleted from newsfeeds for hate speech, for example: https://youtu.be/u3FOz6M4l_c

    Disappointed I’ll be missing your election commentary, Andrew. Any recommendations?


  5. Well, I’m not an avid reader of your blog, and I haven’t been to Germany before, but I’d like to know if comments are (were?) moderated, such as this one. I’ve noticed that some of your readers have posted comments that were kinda stupid and weren’t replied to.

    For instance, the first five comments in this article (http://www.germanjoys.eu/2012/04/merkels-end-game.html) were rather civilised in comparison to the vitriol nik wrote in the last two. Some of your other articles ended a similar way.
    While I value freedom of speech as much as you do, however, I just feel it’d be a lot better to look at each new comment and reply to it in order to have healthy, rational debate without resorting to childish name-calling.

    I’m personally split on closing the comments section after a week or two. On the one hand, it prevents trolls from posting dumb comments. On the other, it robs readers of old articles the ability to post any corrections or updates, or even rebuke any disinformation posted by trolls.

    I’m aware of the problematic socioeconomic conditions in Germany, notably Merkel’s policies (If I were German I’d vote for AfD), but I couldn’t agree with (either the tone or content of) some of your articles. That said, I respect the opinions of those who found your blog useful and agreed with said articles.

    P.S. I don’t really recommend relying on Facebook. As schallundrauch and Gwen pointed out, Facebook is censoring any ‘hate speech’ as liberals call it, so you’ll have to find a social network that doesn’t betray its users this way. Heck, why can’t each country in Europe create its own independent social network like Russia and China have?


  6. I agree with the above comments. I use Facebook, and will follow you there, but I don’t comment on any pages (political or otherwise) that will end up in all of my real-life friends’ newsfeeds. I find that whole concept to be an incredible infringement of privacy. Remember the days when you could converse selectively with people — you might, for example, not share so much with your work colleagues as you would your drinking buddies, but now they are all part of the same online mix.

    By the way, just returned today from Frankfurt (back to Toronto-area). Had a wonderful visit through southern Germany. Alles gut!


  7. Nothing I’ve posted on this blog comes close to hate speech, defamation, or anything else punishable under German law. Nobody has ever even suggested that, and I’ve certainly never been cited for it.

    I largely stopped commenting on immigration-related issues because (1) the debate has become a lot more realistic; and (2) there are many cranks, bigots, and malcontents on this issue, and I found reading their stuff in comments depressing. My point has always been a policy critique a la Douglas Murray or Christopher Caldwell, not to “unveil” Islam as a “fascist ideology” or to bang on about “invasions”. That sort of ranting is just depressing to read.

    The Stürzenberger case is interesting. Although I think Stürzenberger is far too vitriolic and intemperate, I also think his sentencing is a clear case of prosecutorial excess. And if he appeals, I think he will have a good chance of prevailing under Art. 5 GG. You can most certainly use and display Nazi symbols in German *to illustrate arguments and make historical analogies*.

    In any event, this is why I have moved to Facebook. Much easier to monitor comments & nuke cranks. Which I have only extremely rarely had to do. This is probably the last time I will ever even look at this website, so see you on Facebook and Twitter!


  8. Alas, alack. Wie schade. This has been my favorite blog up till now and I will miss it. High quality writing, choices of topics and comments. Hope all goes well for you.


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