This Blog is No Longer Dormant

Welcome to German Joys reloaded. There was a surprising and touching outpouring of anguish (well, mild dismay) when I shut down the old site. So I decided to relaunch German Joys, but with a new look and a new URL. This is now a WordPress blog.

I have moved most of the old archives to this new blog, which took a fair bit of doing. Some of the links and media didn’t make it, which is par for the course, but a surprising number did.

I deleted some posts which I thought were dated or just shite. This means any comments you may have posted on them were nuked. Sorry about that — if there was something genuinely awesome in there, I have a backup of the old site which I can send you.

I’m allowing comments, since most of my commenters were well-informed and thoughtful. Let’s be dignified, shall we?

There’s going to be quite a bit less posting about day-to-day politics this time around. More culture and, believe it or not, local Düsseldorf history. Yeah!

In any case, I hope you like the relaunch.


3 thoughts on “This Blog is No Longer Dormant

  1. Welcome back! Blogging is a much better vehicle than fb, I also wouldn’t mind historic stuff on the culture of the late unlamented DDR…

    As a welcome back present, here’s a short film you might not know on the hardworking Volkspolizei in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg


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