Fraktur, on Acid. And Steroids.

Everybody loves the Fraktur font:

Bildergebnis für fraktur

There’s something spine-tingling and half-forbidden about it, because lots of old documents in German are written in Fraktur, and who knows what kind of horrible things they might say? (I know what you’re thinking, but no, it wasn’t invented by the Nazis. By the time they came to power, it had been largely superseded. At first revived it on the grounds that it was ur-German (g), but later decided to severely limit its use. Especially in German-occupied Europe, they replaced the difficult-to-read Fraktur with Antiqua.)

But Fraktur’s back, baby, and it’s thornier than ever — thanks to death metal. Via Holsteiner Death Fest, here’s a poster for the upcoming “Holsteiner Death Fest” in Ahrensburg, Germany:

fraktur on steroids

WTF, ‘Gustav Eisen’? Get with the program!

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