Random Clips from Finland

Film a few seconds of what you’re seeing, crudely edit it together, put it on your blog. This is from Finland:

In order, we have 1. A cemetery; 2. a woman singing a song in ‘old Russian’ in the Sörnäinen metro station in Helsinki; 3. Adel Abidin, ‘Archive’ (2018); 4. ?; 5. A Finnish metal band playing at the Kamppi shopping center; 6. 3 clips from ‘Aalto Natives’ by Mellors & Nissinen; 7. A clip from ‘Thinking about Invertebrates’ by Nabb & Teeri; 8. A clip from ‘Reproduced’ by Anna Estarriola; 9. A few seconds inside Tapiola Church; 10. Marti Ahtisaari sighs.

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