Dorm-Room Bullshit Sessions, Lovingly Filmed

Above is a trailer for a German movie, ‘303’ (link here if the embed doesn’t work). The English-language description is:

When biology student Jule finds out she’s pregnant, she sets out for Portugal to find her boyfriend Alex, who works on an organic commune there. Traveling in a Mercedes ‘303’ bus, she picks up hitchhiker Jan at a gas station outside Berlin, who’s traveling to a Spanish fishing village to tray [sic] and find his biological father. They’re both passionate and not very diplomatic, very interested in world affairs and philosophy, and while they’re “on the road”, they have impassioned and deep conversations about capitalism, human nature, love and relationships and the meaning of life. They trip becomes an emotional roller coaster, which finds them falling in love with each other? [sic]

Middle-class kids who inexplicably have months of free time on their hands conversing earnestly about “capitalism” and “the meaning of life”?

Alas, my pressing schedule will not afford me time to see this film.

2 thoughts on “Dorm-Room Bullshit Sessions, Lovingly Filmed

  1. Before watching the trailer… In theory I have no problem with this, one of my all time favorite film directors is Eric Rohmer (barely any plot, lots of long rambling conversations) and the train scene in Godard’s La Chinoise is also an all time fave.
    But…. making dialogue interesting as drama is a French thing. It doesn’t seem to align much with German strengths (which lean more toward singular mad visionaries that defy the restrictions of uncaring, puny reality both as subject matter and modus operandi)
    Just watched the trailer…. yikes, hard pass, very hard…..


  2. Earnest young things discussing important issues….contemporary types are no less sickening than their hippie self-entitled grandparents were. What could be less original than a road movie featuring opinionated adolescents?


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