Quote of the Day: Voltaire on Newton

Every now and then, I dip into The Literary Guide to the Bible, which contains essays on every canonical book of the Bible. They range in quality, but some are excellent. Including Bernard McGinn's essay on Revelation, which includes this deathless Voltaireism:

The great age of English commentary on Revelation did not end with the Restoration, but there was little innovative thought….  Isaac Newton perfected the mathematical approach to prophetic calculations of world history with a monotony that led Voltaire to remark that "Sir Isaac Newton wrote his comment upon the Revelation to console mankind for the great superiority he had over them in other respects."

Quotes for the Day

Some good solid common sense from Australian ethicist John Mackie:

"It is much easier, and commoner, to display a self-sacrificing love for some of one’s fellow men if one can combine this with hostility to others." 

— J.L. Mackie, Ethics: Inventing Right and Wrong (Penguin 1977), p. 132.

"People will be able more fully to get what they desire if they are made to desire what they are going to get."

— Ibid., p. 147.