One thought on “Engrish? Franponais.

  1. When I spent some weeks in Japan recently, I did a little windows-shopping. Well, I was in a reeealy big department store in Tokyo, but I do not know the exact term for strolling through one without buying something in English.
    To the point: What I just discovered was that the Fraponais is being replace by Germonese these days. I saw a lot of the little calendars and diaries Japanese seem to like, but with incomprehensible Germanwise pseudo-phrases on them. Like a fake Lufthansa logo and words like Landebahn or Abheben on it, or a serious looking pocket calendar labeled Kapitalismus erhalten. Since Japan is a country where courtesy is near to devotion, no one looked at me when I lay cracking up at the commercial carpeting.
    The trend of printing German word on things, even moveble ones, seemed to reach its climax with a T-Shirt which made me giggling eight hours in a row when I was travelling in a coach from Tokyo to Osaka. The guy next to me wore one, saying:



    And when I took my flight back home, there was a quite shy student of German next to me in order to experience the beauty of our country whithin a week or so, who, when I asked him, why he was studying that language, took his digital dictonary and showed me the word “alliance” and told me:
    “Second world war, you know.”

    Yes, thanks, more than I wanted to know.


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