Let’s Rap at Erich Fromm Square

What comes to mind when you think of the psychoanalytical thinker and best-selling pop-psychologist Erich Fromm (G)? The answer probably differs depending on whether you’re German or American. His books were very, very popular in the 1960s and 1970s in the U.S., even (or especially) among the suburban bohemian-bourgeois.

Thus, the name Erich Fromm, for me, conjures wood-paneled living rooms in Colorado or California, in which young, well-educated people with feathered haircuts rapped about society and their needs. Thus it seems logical that Erich Fromm Square in Frankfurt:


Looks like this:


In other words, it looks like a wood-panelled "encounter" room from a psychoanalytical institute somewhere in in the American West, circa 1975, transferred to the middle of Frankfurt. Not a bad idea, that.  Although I have to say: if you’re going to put a blatantly phallic fountain in the middle of a public square dedicated to a psychoanalytical thinker, couldn’t you at least make it a little larger?

On a more alienated and technological note, here’s a shot of the Main promenade and the Frankfurt skyline by night:


And if you were looking for the more wonderful side of global warming, here’s a topless sunbather in Grueneberg park — in October!


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